Website: Mount Hira

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

Here’s a nice website that helps you memorise some surahs (they’re adding more), some duas and the Names of Allah as well:

The method seems to be a good one.

Just a note: The brothers have put in Surah Yasin. It might be because they, like so many others, think that this surah has many virtues. It does not. All the ahadeeth that refer to the virtues of Surah Yasin are weak.

Of course, they might have put it there because they really like the surah. Allahu Alam.

Also, there is a section for learning the names of Allah. It seems that most people are unaware that this famous list contains some names which are NOT the names of Allah e.g. Ar-Rasheed. Also, the chain of this hadeeth (the one that contains the names) is weak. In addition to this, it does not contain some names of Allah which are mentioned in the Quran and the authentic ahadeeth.

Of course, this is not the fault of the brothers at Mount Hira. Most people don’t know about this so I don’t blame them.

May Allah reward the brothers for their work.


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