Website: Quran Tracker (awesome website!)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

In the last post, I mentioned some study aids.

One of them is this wonderful Surah by Surah progress chart. Some wonderful people have taken this chart and based an entire website on it.

If you are really serious about your hifdh, please be sure to check out this fantastic website:

May Allah greatly reward those who set up this website.

Update: Quran Tracker is no longer free, apart from Juz Amma.


One thought on “Website: Quran Tracker (awesome website!)

  1. We are pleased to announce that QuranTracker is now completely FREE once again to access your hifdh and revision trackers for ALL SURAHS in the Quran! We hope to inshaa Allah keep this service free for all to benefit from, to assist in your memorisation, preservation and teaching of The Noble Book of Allah.

    We had launched QuranTracker Plus in April 2013 to help maintain and develop our site. We appreciate every subscription which was made, may Allah accept it from you all! We have now decided to make QuranTracker free again and explore other ways to fund the website inshaa Allah.

    May Allah allow us all to increase in His worship and attain closeness to Him through learning, understanding, implementing and teaching His Book.


    The QuranTracker Team

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